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How to build good relationships at the workplace?

Building good relationships at the workplace is key to achieving our personal and organizational goals. The most important thing that a human craves in this world is the feeling of being important. ‘I am important and I have a significant impact on my family, society, at the workplace, or in this world’, this feeling keeps a person engaged with many other people. At the workplace, people are interacting one-third part of their daily time with coworkers. So their relations with others at the workplace have a big impact on psychology and well-being. The better and in control you are at the workplace, the healthier your personal life becomes and the happier your family life is.

If not handled properly, workplace issues can spread problems into social and family life which may destroy all relations at home and community.

As human needs fresh air to breathe, they need good friends for their survival on the earth and so in any organization or society.

Moral support at the workplace can boost employees’ energy and can produce superfluous results if the employee is left alone without any support.

Give importance to others.

Respect other coworkers’ opinions. Encourage them to talk about themselves, People need someone to listen to them. Instead of you talk more, listen to them. It gives big relief to employees when somebody in an organization listens to them. Most of the time managers try to put their opinion on assistants without giving them any freedom to apply any ideas or communicate their opinions. When given the chance, employees feel more comfortable and do work in more harmony than in a controlled environment.

Always appreciate their achievements. I know many of the employees can’t produce good results because their manager never appreciates their efforts, neither in front of other coworkers nor in their cabin as a personal note. When employees are working hard to achieve goals and if they are not appreciated for their input, it creates a negative impact on their psychology. When negativity surrounds someone, the ability to produce results reduces.

If you sincerely make people realise that they are important, it is the easiest way to win their hearts.

Let people feel your genuine character. Make people feel your sympathy. People will flock to you in the same way like butterflies are attracted to flowers.

Rigidity in communication will keep people away. The more flexible you are, higher the number of people would like to interact with you. Win friends with your malleable approach and you will achieve greater success. 

Don’t always be a speaker, be a listener most of the time.

People prefer to make relations with good listeners than good speakers. One of my colleagues had a tremendous amount of pressure due to his environment of job. Whenever I met him, he was in stress due to work pressure. Once, I requested him to come to my office just to have a talk. Instead of talking, I just listened to his story. At the end of the meeting, he felt so much relief. When he left, his face was shiny, he told me he can handle the work pressure in a better way.

What did I do to this person? Nothing, I just listened to him. He was working for another dept. and there was nothing much I could do to help him.  When he brought all his stress out of his mind through his conversation with me, he felt relaxed. After that, he came to meet me several times. Whenever he felt stressed, he came to talk to me. At the end of the discussion, he left my office with a smiling face.

Trust employees’ abilities.

When trusted, employees, put more effort to accomplish a task. Everyone learns from their own experiences. The more they work in a particular environment, the more they become acquainted with the atmosphere. The more they are familiar with the atmosphere, the bigger they achieve control over their jobs. Trust brings more efficiency, synergy, and passion to work together. Discuss with them the desired results. Let them put their thoughts on how to achieve the tasks which benefit employees and the company. If you involve them in the discussion, it gives them the ability to think like an owner. They get more sense of authority, which in return helps both.

Let employees feel, they are part of decision-making and give value to their ideas. When you engage them and let them feel that they are part of decision-making, profit, and productivity increase. Many Organization involves all levels of their departments and employees in making the vision and mission statements of their company. It helps people to be involved and make them feel responsible to achieve the company’s long-term goals.

Stop complaining, it never helps.

Always discuss challenges with coworkers and give your opinion about how to handle them. Ask for their input, which will make them feel comfortable in handling the situation.

In my early career, I used to bring all the challenges to my boss. I used to complain about all the problems that could possibly limit my achievements. I thought he is not aware of day-to-day problems. Later I realized, he was well aware of the situation. All he wanted was, someone to take charge and start fixing those issues. I learned it and stopped complaining, rather I took the approach of discussing the possible approach to fix those issues.

If you keep complaining from time to time about people, events, and situations in the company, you will be the most disliked person in the organization.

Talk to people about what they are interested in.

When you talk to someone about their interest, they may give you more time in return and it will show greater payoffs to both of you. No matter how tight the person’s schedule is, begin a meeting by talking about the interest of the person whom you are meeting with. It brings harmony between both of you. On most occasions, a person will give you more time for the meeting. When your conversation starts well, the greater the chance, you end up with a happy meeting concludes. Though this technique gives benefits to all employees, it can help the sales team to achieve their goals easily.

Always Smile.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

It not only improves your face value, but it also improves your worth too. There are many personal and social benefits of smiling. Smiling makes you feel relaxed, improves the immune system, boosts your overall health, and gives a good gesture to the person with whom you are smiling at. Also, it has a bigger impact on your relations with others too. Smiling gives a signal of having a clean and pure heart toward people you smile, which in return gives a positive response from others. A sincere smile can be a good start for any meeting with coworkers. Smiling not only has the influence to boost your mood, but it can also change other people’s attitudes towards you and make relations happier.

The magic in your smile is greatly described at Psychology Today

“Happiness at work is closely correlated with greater performance and productivity as well as greater energy, better reviews, faster promotion, higher income, better health and increased happiness with life. So it’s good for organizations and individuals, too.”

Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work

Never hurt a person’s ego.

When you say “You are wrong” to any person, it hurts his or her ego. It strips off a person’s self-dignity. You will find that this act of yours will never make them welcome you and as result, they will not support your cause to achieve the goals willingly. Instead, they will see every possibility to bring obstacles in the path as much as possible.

Respect their opinions, ask them about what made them take certain decisions, or ask about reasons for their actions. How it can help to achieve a win-win situation? It will open a discussion channel, which in support opens a new door for understanding their point of view and taking better measures to handle the situation. See things from another person’s point of view, and you will get his or her cooperation in return.

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