Do Epic Sales

Do Epic Sales

The Secret to become a Successful Sales Professional

Do Epic Sales is the best pick for you if you want to become an all-around better salesperson, improve your ability to lead your sales team, and develop a tailored solution for your client that sells.

To discover how to sell with confidence, this book provides the comprehensive information you need to learn as a sales professional. The B2B selling cycle describes the sales stages in an easy and skillful manner which makes this book a must-read for anyone in sales or interested in sales.

Do Epic Sales has been written with two major factors essential to growing a sales career in mind. Personal Development is essential to nurture professional ethics. In the first part of the book, Personal Growth Mindset is discussed along with soft skills. The second part covers the Professional Growth Mindset that will help you give an enormous boost to your sales career. In combination, both parts of the book will give you enough information to maximise sales opportunities and broaden your entrepreneurial horizons.

In my opinion, every person on this globe has some unusual characteristics of a salesperson. Although some sell themselves short, others manage to lead in this field. If you want to grow in your profession and learn how to transform into a successful sales professional, you have made the right choice by picking up this book. Read this book to learn how to become the best version of yourself.

Psychology plays an important role in human life, regardless of the field in which people interact. The book has kept both the psychological and the business aspects of behaviour most suitable to work in a professional environment. We will know how to appeal to people’s minds if we can understand the laws that control their actions and behaviour. While every man has his own distinctive features, and every mind has its own peculiar way of dealing with the facts of life, it is not possible to establish rules to deal with every single person separately. That is why a standard procedure is essential to function as a framework for dealing with various kinds of challenges. This framework is described as The International Sales Cycle.

Before you can expect to convince the customers, you must first transform yourself.​​

If you firmly believe in something, you have a better chance of persuading others to believe in it as well. You must first learn to sell to yourself before selling to a customer.

Put yourself in the mindset that, if you were in the customer’s shoes, you would gladly take advantage of the situation.

The salesperson’s mental attitude and emotional expression; understanding the customer’s attitude and behaviour; the process of attracting attention, arousing curiosity or interest, producing desire, satisfying the reason, and moving the buyer’s choice are all parts of their personal skills.

Builders never complain and complainers never build.

There are also other factors involved in the process of becoming a bold, confident, and composed sales individual. For instance, the salespeople must possess practical knowledge of their products or services; understand market trends, and competitors in their line of business to be able to sell. They need to know how to qualify the potential leads, explore customer’s needs, and build proper solutions that help customers want to buy the product or service.

A complete guide that helps them follow the entire sales process is an essential requirement too.

If a person has a favourable personality, but isn’t aware of the market trend, or how to advance the lead to the next stage of the sales process, they will not be able to progress very far in the field of sales. On the other hand, a person who is thoroughly trained in the knowledge of the product, but has no personal growth mindset, will fall below the mark of those who are equipped with both personal and professional growth.

This work includes a mix of both wherever they are needed. The first portion focuses on personal development, while the second section teaches selling techniques. The importance of soft skills is emphasised in the section concerning selling skills. This book focuses on teaching people how to sell ethically using the right methodology.

If you want to advance your sales management job or simply improve your own talents, this book can help you. I believe you have made the right choice to begin self-improvement and pave the road to making loads of money. The book provides sales management methods in plain and easy language for readers from every walk of life. The knowledge you receive from this book will come in handy if you work in a corporate environment and want to improve your skills. Even if you are not a salesperson, and you merely wish to pursue a career in this field, you will benefit from reading this book from cover to cover. Books are our best companions when it comes to learning the tools of any trade.

You do not need any prior knowledge of selling skills to make sense of this book. This volume will benefit not only corporate executives, but also university students and young graduates who desire to advance their careers as professional salespeople.

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