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20 Best Tips for a Job Interview

20 Best Tips for a Job Interview will help you develop an art of interview to get your dream employment. It is better to wait for a fair amount of time, prepare for an interview, than showing an urgency without a proper planning.

It is important to find an appropriate fit than rush into a job that’s not right for a person. When you continue to work in a specific field for a large amount of your life, you build your professional career in that space. Let us go through “20 Best Tips for a Job Interview”.

Applying for a new job?

First step to get any perfect job is to search for a job that stimulates your interest. Do not keep wandering and look for a random job. Your goal on what you want to do in your career will help in the search of a job that you will enjoy and continue for years. Use the following “20 Best Tips for a Job Interview.”

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Research the employer

When you find the job suitable in the field that of your interest, before applying for the position, make a research on the employer. You may use google or other search engines, to know about the company, what their products are, their competitors and their value in the market.

If you know anyone working in that company, ask them about the management. You may research their salary package for the position you are applying for, what other benefits you may get when you join the organization, their work environment, and management work style.

Research the job posting

It is important to find a role in the company where you can do your best to grow in your career and earn a decent amount. If that requires going for more research about the job, do that.

Know what the employer is looking out of this role and where are the areas to grow. You may think of growing in the same organization or switch to another company after gaining a sound experience.

If it is your first job, it will help build your long career, and you will get a proper fit in the beginning. In case that requires going for more interviews, happily do that exercise.

Identify the job description

A job description is a written statement explaining the role and expectations of the position. All duties to be performed, its purpose, and the scope of work is mentioned in this description. It may also include whom you will be reporting to and what other departments or employees you may work with.

Your job description is a brief about your role, major responsibilities, scope of work, and your reporting relationships.

To avoid any surprises, before joining any position, read the job descriptions carefully. It will help you know the employer’s expectations from your role.

Learn about the values of the employer

Search about the company’s history, its mission, vision, and values. What company’s core products are and who are their competitors.

Learn about the strength of the organization you are interviewing with, also know the strength and weakness of their competitors.

Go through the company’s website, social media, and blog if available. Social media and blog will give you sufficient information about their products and services.

Practice your answers to common interview questions

Practice common questions you may face during your interview. It is a good idea to involve your friends or family members to make a rehearsal with them.

Common questions asked during the interview include,

  • About you
  • Your qualification
  • Your experience in relevant field
  • Why do you want to join/switch the job?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • Why you should be appointed? etc.

Frame your responses as per the best of your knowledge and your existing qualifications.

Share these ’20 best tips for a job interview’ with your friends and family members.

On the day of the interview

Get up early. Prepare yourself for interview. Use the following best tips for the job interview.

Dress neatly

Your dress and your physical appearance will build your self-confidence. Remember, the way you dress will transform the way other people perceive what you say. It will catch their focus and you will be noticed about what you say during your interview.

Your dressing style creates a psychological impact on your body language. Dress well, develop self-confidence, and earn people’s attention.

Be on time

Make sure you know how much time is required to reach the destination. In case there is a delay due to traffic or other reason, keep plenty of time in hand. It will help you reach to the interview on time.

When you have sufficient time, your stress level will be in control. Most of the time people perform poor in an interview because of their delay in reaching out to the location.

When you wait for the interview

Do not show your impatience during wait time. You may prefer to read a book during this time, it will help you get out of common stressful symptoms of waiting for an interview.

If available, ask for company material to read. Don’t engage yourself on phone texting your friend or family members during this time.

During the interview

Remember your manners

Greet when you enter the meeting room with a broad smile. When you show a good attitude during an interview, there is a high chance of you being selected for the job.

Business professionals admire good manners. Do not use foul language or gestures. Remember, the interviewer would like to see how easy and well-behaved person you are, and how you can handle the tasks provided to you efficiently.

Switch your mobile phone on silent, not on vibrate mode. Vibrate mode during meeting or interview is more irritating, and shift focus out of the discussion.

Build rapport and maintain eye contact

When you talk make eye-to-eye contact, it will give a confident look to the opponent. Your visual contact is a form of your body language, which is vital during communication.

Do not look down, or somewhere else during your interview, it shows disrespect to an interviewer. Remember, your eye contact can build a good relationship with others and can help you share your thoughts with them.

“Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.”  

—Samuel Richardson

Stay calm

Do not show your eagerness to get the job. Even if you are in deep need of this job and having difficulty with your financial situation, do not show your distress state. Be composed and stay calm.

Stay positive

Do not draw any assumptions from different kinds of questions. Sometime, you may face questions, which are difficult to handle.

In such a situation, your mind starts generating negative thoughts. Keep yourself positive at all times. Do not try to make indirect guesses from any inquiries or comments.

Be honest in all your responses

Be honest, it will pay you for the long run. To gain a person’s attention, do not lie or give wrong information. If you do not know something, accept that you do not know. Your candid nature will win their heart.

Sometimes, you may come across a question, like “Tell me about your weaknesses”.

This is an awkward situation, when a person may try to give different responses to hide self-weaknesses. Instead of giving a negative answer, try to frame sentences in a positive way.

Show that you have identified your weakness in recent past and you are working on turning that weakness into your strength.

Answer questions properly

To know, always give straight answers without flimflams. Do not give indirect answers, which will let the interviewer think or assume.

The more you make difficult for people to understand you, the more you lose chances of being selected.

Exhibit why the employer should hire you?

Your ability to produce better results and achieve goals from the role, you are being interviewed for, will help the interviewer make a quick decision to hire you.

Demonstrate why they should employ you by enlightening your skills you have used what the employer is looking for.

Clarify anything you are unsure of

It is a good gesture when you ask a related question to the interviewer about what you are unsure of.

But be careful of putting the interviewer in a corner with difficult questions, it will create an uncomfortable situation. It will reduce your chances of being selected. After all, the interviewer is a human being and has emotions too.

Look interested throughout

Lean Slightly forward. Establish eye contact. It will send a message that “I am listening, I am interested in what you have to say” Show your interest in the company’s products or services.

Remember, do not become over conscious, it will put pressure on you.

Ask questions that demonstrate your interest in the position

Research about the product and service company is offering related to your job interview. Ask simple questions about the products, about competitors. What are the advantages and how it helps customers solve their problems? It will show your interest in the position you are applying for.

Prepare your questions in advance

Carefully prepare the questions in advance. When you make research bout the company, department, or product, you can write down questions you may have.

Prepare them and keep in your mind to ask at appropriate times. Do not ask questions, if it has been already addressed earlier in the interview.

Focus on what you can bring to the job and not what is in it for you

Show how your recruitment can help the employer achieve their goals.

Emphasize on your development plan in the company. It will show the interviewer that you want to join the company for the long term and have a keen interest in growing with the company’s growth. Ask what additional benefits you will get other than salary.

“There is a way to do it better…find it “

—Thomas Edison

Enjoy your life and I wish you the best for your professional career!

If you have any further tips, or simply want to share your opinions, please write in the comment box below.

Your comments will help other readers to see your point of view and enhance their knowledge on the subject.

Share these 20 best tips for a job interview with your friends and family members.

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