About Zuber Palawkar


Thank you for taking the time to visit. My name is Zuber Palawkar. I am a common man like many others, but I have my voice too.

About Zuber Palawkar

I have more than two decades of experience in the training and education industry.

I was a science student at my college. After completion of graduation, I started learning computer application development and developed a couple of applications for small to medium business requirements.

But as I grew in my career, I found that the more I broaden my target, the more I caught in the rat race of happiness search.

Later I started studying positive psychology. I found it helped in many areas of my life. My lifestyle transformed completely. Positive thinking helped me grow in my personal achievements, my physical and mental well-being, and my overall relationships with people around. I started enjoying life. My way of thinking changed in a better way because now I am looking at the same events and people with positive and transparent eyes.

When I found results for myself, I thought it can help many others who are in similar circumstances. Writing blogs is one of my ways to approach people across the world. Please share your comments and reviews on my blog in different articles with diverse subjects. I don’t want to keep these blogs limited to my thought process, rather I wish people can enjoy and write their personal experiences and opinions on this site too. Even if a few people get help out of this site, my purpose in writing these blogs will be served.

Remember, happiness is your choice, not a bi-product of your achievements. Happiness first, achievements next!!!

Keep smiling, keep visiting, and enjoy your life!

If you wish to reach me, please write to me at [email protected]


Zuber Palawkar