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Zuber Palawkar is a sales expert and Author of the book, “Do Epic Sales”. Zuber has over two decades of training and education expertise. He began his career in sales and has since refined his skills through coaching, mentoring as well as the development of various esteemed sales teams.

He started his career in sales before working in operations for a decade. When he shifted focus to product and sales development, he started formally training sales professionals as a part of his job. He is currently employed as the head of business development in an enterprise organisation, while also writing about personal and professional development which has been his lifelong dream. 
His experience involves many challenges, especially when it comes to dealing with the mindset of sales professionals. Lots of salespeople need help to grow personally as well as professionally. Making any impact, however small, will mean that his purpose to help salespeople grow both professionally and personally will be served.

Sell, Win, Succeed.

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