How to help your child handle exam pressure?

School Girl

In this era when competition in studies is high, students go through a lot of mental pressure. An increase in demand for higher ranks puts them in a race throughout the year. This pressure is at a peak when the exam time is closer. It is important to know “how to help your child handle … Read more

20 Best Tips for a Job Interview

Job interview

20 Best Tips for a Job Interview will help you develop an art of interview to get your dream employment. It is better to wait for a fair amount of time, prepare for an interview, than showing an urgency without a proper planning. It is important to find an appropriate fit than rush into a … Read more

How to become a successful salesperson?


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay In my opinion, every person on this globe has unusual characteristics of a salesperson. Some though sell themselves short, while others leading this field. If you want to grow in your profession, learn how to become a successful salesperson. Imagine a person who is good author, and has written … Read more

What is boredom, and how to kill it?

Girl bored

Image by Yassay from Pixabay Many times I ask people if they exercise regularly, I receive the response like, “I don’t have time”. Most of the people do not have time, but still, have time to get bored. Boredom is a word becoming popular in society. In today’s era, people have many things which can keep them busy … Read more

Today’s teenagers, tomorrow’s leaders!

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If you are a teenager, you must read it. A couple of days ago, one of my relatives called me and asked me to write a blog for teenagers. His idea was to make teenagers aware of what parent’s expectations are and how to handle those expectations. If your age is falling between 13 to … Read more

How to build self-confidence?


Photo credit – Neeraj Awasthi Confidence is the key to attain any kind of goal a person would like to achieve. Lack of confidence is a big hurdle in achieving success and because of trembling self-confidence, many people crawl throughout their life but do not reach the goals they want to accomplish. So, how to … Read more

How to become a good manager?

manager with team

This is generally human nature that no one likes to be managed. Everyone wants to become a manager. But not everyone is capable of handling such an important responsibility. When this duty is assigned, some use force to get the job done, while others use their intellectual thinking to achieve goals. In an organization, a … Read more

How to stop blaming others and accept responsibilities?

stop blaming others

When you study people, you will find that unsuccessful people have a bad habit of blaming others, complaining about situations and giving excuses for their failures. Blaming events and other people than themselves for not achieving their own goals. So how to stop blaming others or situations? Excuses disease Let us have a look at … Read more

How to control anger?

Control anger

How to control anger? In my other article on how to handle stress at workplace, I wrote that stress is part of our day to day life, similarly, anger is part of daily life too. It triggers our body’s fight or flight mechanism which is our body’s natural response to perceived threat or danger. If … Read more

How to build good relationships at the workplace?

Work good relationships image

Building good relationship at the workplace is key to achieve our personal and organizational goals. The most important thing that a human craves in this world is the feeling of being important. ‘I am important and I have a significant impact on my family, society, at the workplace or in this world’, this feeling keeps … Read more