Happy New Year

Happy New Year! This year upgrade yourself to a “NEW YOU”

Happy New Year! You hear this statement from everyone when New Year starts. Most celebrate it out loud, while many enjoy watching others relish it.

Record of our media channels will show top events, celebrities, political situations, and tragedies, of the last years. Likewise, we need to recap our personal experiences from last year and develop goals for next year too.  

Note good events from last year and plan how to cultivate the advantage of such incidents to grow our personal and professional achievements. On the contrary, record bad events from last year and learn from past experiences to shield yourself to be better prepared for the future.

Recap last year and plan for the next

When we say “Happy New Year”, do we recap our past year and see how it was? Yes, most of us do. Then why don’t we say “Happy end of the year!” The past is past, so last year is history. People like to see what’s next. What’s in the future for them?

Remember, people celebrate events, so there has to be some reason to celebrate. New Year gives them an opportunity to rejoice. More joy brings more happiness in life.

What about those who suffered last year through some tragedies or distress? What about their happiness? Generally, people attach happiness to joy, prosperity, and progress.

To know, Happiness is not only about being able to make the most of our good times but also about how we cope effectively with the unavoidable bad times.

“Happiness doesn’t just feel delighted, it actually leads to a varied range of benefits for our Performance, Health, Relationships, and more.”

Happy New Year

Prepare yourself for New Year ahead

Prepare yourself to achieve your goals and enjoy every day of the year ahead.

Note down at least five personal goals that you would like to eliminate from your life and five that you would like to add up to.

I am giving you some examples below, you may have your own too. Write down at the beginning of the year when you say ‘Happy New Year’

Consider five things to eliminate from your life

Remove one bad habit that holds you back

Many bad habits are unknown to us. Other people see them in us and they bring it to our attention from time to time, sometimes direct while other times in indirect personal interactions.

Removing one bad habit is a step forward to gaining a good habit in replacement. For example, a person likes to spend too much time sitting on a sofa and surfing through social media, which has a bad impact on health and mood. Utilizing that time for a walk or simple physical exercise will help bring happiness and improve health too.

Find out the bad habit you want to replace with a good one. Commit to it. With your determination and firm actions, you will achieve your goal.

Remove one person from your contacts who spread negativity in your life

Remember, negativity is contagious and if you are dealing with people of a negative nature, you are likely to fall victim to their thinking.

Choose your friend circle wisely. Of course, it is you to decide, with whom you want to keep a connection.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

― Jim Rohn

You will know negative people from their behaviors. If they make you feel bad, do not respect your opinion, and turn down your bright ideas every time, know that you are in a negative company.

Immediately make efforts to remove them from your connections and enjoy your life.

Remove one negative belief that holds you back from achieving your goals

A negative belief about yourself can sabotage your way toward success and happiness. When you develop pessimistic beliefs about yourself, and your capabilities, you boost the chances of turning down your ability to achieve your goals.

Remember, your ability to generate bright ideas and actions to produce results, follow your beliefs.

Find out what negative beliefs you hold about yourself, your family, your coworkers, or your environment. Turn these negative beliefs into hope, optimism, and positivity.

“By taking charge of those negative core beliefs, you can retrain your brain to think positively and reshape the way you see the world.” writes Adi Jaffe, Ph.D in his article. “You will feel better about yourself. It will lead to better relationships with yourself and others. It will change your experience in life.”

Believe, you can achieve and you will achieve what you desire for.

Remove one subject that robs your attention.

Sometimes, we indulge in our habit by simply spending too much time on matters that are of no use in nature. Some political debates, Sports discussions, or gaming may hijack your attention and keep you away from being effective in nature.

It tempts us to involve in such discussions which release dopamine in our brain, give a little bit of relief from boredom, and give time a boost in our mood. But in the long run, it is just a waste of time.

Recognize, a too-busy schedule is a lack of focus. Make yourself free to think progressively. The more you free your time from useless activities, the more you will get time for productive work.

Remove at least one reaction that triggers your anger

Find out one reaction that triggers your anger and eliminate it from your life.

When you start responding instead of reacting to the situations, it is a step forward to achieving success and prosperity. It reduces your anger. You think rationally and try to analyze the situation rather than attach self-assumption to the events.

Learn some anger management tips that will help you keep calm in a situation that is against your liking.

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Consider five things to develop in your life

Similarly, you need to look into new noble things that you can acquire in your life.

Add one good habit to your life

Good habits and success have very close relations. Successful people work on adopting good habits.

Just like Bad habits are a waste of time, money, and energy, on the contrary, good habits add value to life, help to utilize our time wisely, and boost our energy.

The only obstacle to developing good habits is our comfort zone. Get out of this balloon and you will find you can achieve what you aim for. Develop true intrinsic motivators, and accomplish desired outcomes.

With a positive mindset and proper planning, good habits can be developed with minimum effort.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

― Will Durant

Make at least one good friend

We nurture our happiness through our friends. Your goal to add at least one friend in New Year will help you find many.

But know that, attracting people and making good friends with a self stiff and immoral attitude is like trying to get hawser out of a needle. When you are in search of good friends, adopt likable manners in yourself first.

Although it is good to have a big network of friends circle, you would also want to cultivate a bond with a few truly close friends who will be there for you through thick and thin.

Add positive beliefs that will strengthen your actions to achieve goals

Your positive belief will help you achieve what you want to achieve. Positivity brings effectiveness to our life. When people feel effective, they feel happier and more productive.

The belief that you can achieve your goal will make your dream come to reality. Believe it, you can do it, and you will.

Remember, “For positive thinking to work we cannot passively think and expect miracles. We have to back our thinking with hard work, follow through, and determination.” Writes Sherrie Campbell,  a psychologist in Yorba Linda, Calif in her article. “We are all destined for success and can all get there if we believe we can.”

Learn at least one skill that will increase your productivity

Make learning fun. Different people have different approaches to learning. Some may want to learn from their experiences, while others need a lecture in a hall. Some people like to learn through YouTube videos, while some may learn from listening to podcasts.

Never stop learning. Do your homework on what skill you want to adopt this year. Give your time and attention to this. Learn and implement it in your daily life.

Forward this blog to all your family and friends when you say “Happy New Year”

Help at least one person to add meaning to his/ her life

You can generate a lot of energy in your own life by helping someone. It gives meaning to your own life when you help people to achieve what they think is meaningful for them.

Helping someone makes us happy, it gives neurochemical satisfaction and boosts our mental and physical energy.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

― John Holmes

People, when they contribute to volunteer tasks, have a better self-image and improved life satisfaction. Search for someone in need and you find many hands that require your help. Help others and stay happy.

I hope you find reading this the best way to start your year when you say to others “Happy New Year!”

Please write your comments on the article and share your views and stories which can help someone.

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