What is your breaking point?

What is your breaking point?

Henry Ford became known for forever revolutionizing automobile factory production. His significant achievement in the early twentieth century made automobiles affordable to the middle class to date.

He failed in his early attempts to build productive and cost-effective car models resulting in his investor William H. Murphy pulling their interest out and dissolving their company. They had lost their faith in Henry Ford. But Henry did not lose faith in himself. He believed that he could achieve what he aimed for.  He learned lessons from his earlier failures and came back with a strong desire. He was not there to give up. He was there to make a big impact on the world, and change the entire revolutionary transport industry.

He looked back not to see his failed attempts as complete failures, but to learn from them. Failure, for Henry Ford, was not a hindrance to innovation, but rather a reinvigoration to refine his vision for a technology that would eventually transform the world.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

— Henry Ford;

If you have the strong courage to combat all your struggles, you will never have a breaking point.

Your success is largely determined by your positive attitude about events, and how you face and deal with the events and storms that arise along the path. Choose simplicity over complexity. Success is that simple, do not search for it in the complexity of the ups and downs of your life. Show others that you are an uncommon common man who does not give up on your dreams. Show others that you can achieve what you wish to achieve.

Don’t give up, you are successful even if you have not achieved what you aim for. The majority of people never achieve what they desire, but successful are those who never give up on their journey to follow what they dream about.

Failure is not final, and success is not eternal too. The path to success goes through the zigzag and thorny route of failure in life.

The amount of opposition it would take to bring a man down determines his true worth. The number of challenges one can face and overcome will decide how competent that person is. Keep your caliber chart progressing throughout your life, do not end it at a breaking point. You admit your defeat the moment you put an end to it.

Remind yourself, challenges are not dropped only in your bag. Every soul has to face it at their level. Your positive attitude will build the life you expect. Don’t give up, Show up.

I am positive, you are not one of those who want to fail. If you are dead in love with your success, you will do what it needs to move forward and achieve what you aim for.

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