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Don’t worry, be happy!

Worry is one bad habit that every person on the earth has adopted. Is worry a habit? Yes, indeed it is a habit and it developed out of stress. Normally people worry about future tasks to be accomplished. Rent to be paid, School fees, Kids education, Health issue, increasing age and how to handle old age, etc.

Worry is part of life, some people deal efficiently with it without being a victim of it, and others destroy their lives and those around them.

Continues worrying impact on physical and emotional health. It may lead to general Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD is characterized by excessive worrying about many things in day to day life. In such cases, people can’t stop worrying about health, wealth, exams, work, and family. In some cases, people do not know what they are worried about. You must have come across people, who take the smallest matter of their life seriously, and some who live a worry-free life. The difference between both kinds of people is the way they handle their stress and worries. While some worries are based on reality, other big numbers are based on imagination and developing constant negative thinking habits.

Worries can make a person’s life miserable if not handled properly. It can lead to depression, which makes a person idling or moving away from a positive and healthy lifestyle. It can develop a sense of being a burden on self and bring suicidal thoughts too. In such cases, a person needs to immediately inform their close friends or family members. An immediate physician consultation is required. Please if you receive any such alerts from a person, take a serious note. Immediately contact your physician for further advice.

Be aware, continuous worries develop Anxiety.

Generally, continuous worries develop anxiety which causes big damage to emotional and physical health. Worry can develop physical symptoms like sleepless nights called insomnia, headaches, and stomach problems and other anxiety-related disorders.

It also develops emotional symptoms which makes a person avoid closed people, or bursting on them on every act of theirs. It can develop other bad habits such as consuming too much alcohol or develop other bad addictions.

Overall too much worry changes the entire color of your life from a bright and shiny to dark and gloomy.

How to stop worrying?

Do I have to worry so much to understand what worry is?

No. Not at all! After all, we are talking about reducing our worries, so don’t worry and be happy!

The easiest way to reduce worry is to be happy. Happiness is a gateway for a Successful, productive and healthy life. In search of happiness in life, people are suffering from worries, agonies, etc… I wish if they know happiness is not an event or a goal, it is a lifetime journey, they will stop brooding about how to be happy.

Let’s take some of the steps by which we can conquer our worries. It works for me and might work for many others. You are open to your own thoughts. So you can think and generate some steps which can bring your worries down.

Live in now moment.

Remember, only two events in this life are certain, that we were born and one day we will die. Rest all are events in our life are uncertain. So worrying about things that are uncertain is just a waste of time and energy. Also to know, this uncertainty brings the land of opportunities to some people, people who breathe with a positive mindset, or sleepless nights and miseries to other people with pessimism.

“Past is past, future is vast and present doesn’t last”

Thinking about the past adverse events is just like bringing the pain of the past in the present moment again. And to this context, thinking about the future, what adversities will come to life is like bringing future pain to now moment. Events that may not come true, which are purely based on imaginations, are adding up pain in present.

In both cases, the present situation becomes worst and drain energy. If you have suffered from any event in the past which had a bad impression on you, it is useless to think about such experience now. Since the event has already passed and you have come out of it. Only what you can take from those events is what experience you gained and how to avoid or battle with them in the future if it occurs again.

Social engagement is the best antidote to get rid of worries.

Constant worries limit a person from critical thinking and effects on their personal and professional life. It reduces a person’s productivity and also damages relations with family, friends, and coworkers.

When you have good relations with others and have many friends around, you grow in your personal and professional life. The more you make friends, the more you grow and the more grow, the more you enjoy a stress-free and worry-free life.

Your thoughts play a major role, so often watch your thoughts.

Your thoughts play very big roles in developing worries. We have an active mind and a subconscious mind. Events that are happening in our life or anything which is sensed by our sensory organ is stored in our subconscious mind. When you give a command to the subconscious mind, it brings it to your conscious or active mind. Imagine, currently, you are reading this article and are focused on the subject. If I tell you anything about your parents or your childhood friends, suddenly your mind is started thinking about them. The past events which may have happened, which involved them are played in your imagination now like a movie.

What happens in a second? Why your active mind suddenly started thinking about them? Our subconscious mind is too powerful to obey commands which our thought have given to it. Our subconscious mind does not think on its own. It just stores the information and it acts on the command given by our conscious mind.

Always give positive commands to your subconscious mind

Here is the catch! Give your subconscious mind commands to think positivity, Optimism, and prosperous life. It will bring all ideas or events that happened in the past which kept you optimistic and helped to prosper. On the other side, give it a command of a negative thought, it will make sure to bring a link of spiral negative downward thoughts.

Remember, any kind of thoughts once linked, it keeps linking the other related thoughts. If you give command of positive thought, it will take your thinking upwards. It does opposite if you give a negative command.

Become rich and stop worrying.

It is really important to become rich in our life. Without becoming rich we can’t enjoy our life. When I am writing this paragraph, I found this to be so true that every rich person can start enjoying their life immediately. And those who are not rich, they can become rich within no time. Did I say within no time a person can become rich? Is it really possible? Yes, it is. I will reiterate, it is indeed possible to be rich within no time. I became rich and now think and act like a rich person. So you can be rich and enjoy your life too.

Of course, you will see many rich people who are wealthy and rich by their monetary values, big bank balances, big houses, big cars and live a lavish lifestyle. But you may find they are poor in their habits. You will find some of them are under depression, under stress of keeping that lifestyle forever. They are poorer than a poor person who is enjoying every breath of his life. In fact, I have seen many rich people who are suffering from obesity, heart problems, blood pressures, and diabetic deceases. When you look at them despite having plenty of wealth and a lavish lifestyle, what made them suffer from these diseases? You will find that their habits made them drift to such poor and unhealthy routines and lifestyles that they became the victim of their own wealth.

Show a rich attitude.

Remember, RICHNESS is not in WEALTH, it is in attitude, and Real RICHNESS is in the richness of the soul. Always have a rich attitude toward people and events in your life.

Think like a rich person but don’t try to imitate any rich person. You being you, will give more satisfaction in the long run.

Wake up like a rich person, sleep like a rich person and all in between these two tasks are struggles of life, which everyone has to face whether wealthy or poor. The important to know that if your thinking is rich you become a healthy, wealthy and rich person on the earth.

Be away from the Grey world.

I call it “Grey world”, a world where being surrounded by many people a person segregates himself or herself in imaginary loneliness due to a negative attitude toward people around, either it may be family, friends, co-workers or neighbors. Such people start looking for each fault of people around and don’t like to accept any one of them. In this case, imaginations isolating him or her and trying to move farther and farther from social connections, and thus live in “Grey world”. This leads a person to depression. If the person doesn’t take the necessary steps to accept people around as they are, socialize with them, he or she will stay in this grey world. Always try to surround yourself with friends and family members. Accept their opinions and accept them as they are. Remember, social engagement is biggest antidote for symptoms of worries.

Dedicate some time for Mind, Body and Soul exercise.

Every day, dedicate some time for yourself, your body, your soul, your mind.

Enrich your soul through your daily prayer. Your connection with God will make your faith strong and keep your hope alive in all situations. Daily prayers bring tranquility and peace, which ultimately improves your faith. Faith keeps hope alive, and hope brings confidence and power to handle difficult circumstances. Because of hope, Edison could invent the bulb after his 1,000 unsuccessful attempts. Because of hope, Mahatma Gandhi led the entire country to freedom. ‘Hope Is a Powerful Weapon’, which kept Nelson Mandela’s struggle alive for 27 years in prison. Hope, gives a person the energy and power required to fight in difficult situations. Keep your hope alive and win your daily struggles.

Dedicate some time for physical exercise. When your body is strong, your mind becomes stronger. In the same context, when your mind becomes strong, you take action to make your body stronger. Don’t wish for something good to happen to you, work for it to happen. Exercise daily to make your body and immune system stronger. There are many benefits of daily physical exercises, the biggest benefit is that it will keep you away from worries.

This information is not intended to serve as medical advice. If you experience symptoms which cause you concern, please consult your physician.

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