How to become a successful salesperson?

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In my opinion, every person on this globe has unusual characteristics of a salesperson. Some though sell themselves short, while others leading this field. If you want to grow in your profession, learn how to become a successful salesperson.

Imagine a person who is good author, and has written very good books which can make a big difference in humanity. But the books do not move out of shelves, because this author does not have good selling skills. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of authors making a big fortune out of their average writing proficiencies. This example fits in every field, whether it is technology, agricultural, medical profession or spiritual and religious foundations.

Sales person’s duties in a corporate world

In the corporate world, a sales person’s tasks involve selling the company’s products or services. A salesperson is the one who turns someone into buyer. It requires significant skills to convince and develop someone’s potential interest in the Products or services that are being offered.

A standard sales process starts with prospecting a customer to close the deal. Generally, it involves many stages, sometimes, these stages are passed in one sitting, but most of the time it requires a big amount of time and strategy.

Persuading someone to buy the product or service is not an easy task though. It requires a great deal of learning and exercise many techniques to become a successful salesperson.

Pressure on salespeople

Largely, the success of salespeople is measured by their target achievements and revenue from new and existing customers.

Typically, the struggle of reaching the target puts pressure on the salesperson. Moreover, external factors, such as competition and market trends puts additional burden on salespeople and become a hindrance to attain their targets.

Don’t get nervous, if you want to try your fortune in this field, you can do it. But it requires your commitment and willingness to learn how to sell.

Believe you can reach your goals and you will.

“I can do it”, this attitude will make you a successful salesperson and you can achieve the targets with ease. A positive attitude generates enough power, expertise, and drive to keep you motivated.

Don’t forget, faith can move mountains if truly believed in it.

No one likes to crawl in this world and I am sure you also wish to win the race and become successful. To win anything requires a bold approach. Believe big, adjust your thermostat forward, learn the right techniques require to raise your performance, and you will see big results ahead.

Learn about your product and services

To know, salespeople need to be armed with all information that entails their sales numbers to grow, and the most important is “Product Knowledge”.

Having sound product knowledge is key to give proper solutions to your customers. Build your customer’s confidence in your offerings by increasing your knowledge about your products or services. Understanding your product well enables you to present their benefits to your buyers precisely.

Build your network

Building your network is a primary fundamental to sell effectively. There are many ways you can develop your network. The cold call is a general technique used in any organization. This requires a person to call anonymously to many contacts from the database, in order to introduce self and products or services offerings.

The primary goal of this method is to reach the influencer or decision-maker. This is still proven the best way to build your initial database.

Establish your online presence

In today’s era, social media platform is largely used to reach out to targeted people. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to build your network. Make sure to keep your profile as attractive as possible. Learn to build your social medial profile, which reflect, how you can help solve customers’ ongoing problems.

On social media, you can get introduced to new contacts through your existing contacts. You can search for other professionals who work in an industry you are interested in.

Build your Database

Your database is very important to grow your sales figures. If your company provides a CRM solution, record all your customer information, transactions and activities in CRM. Otherwise, record your entries in an excel sheet. It will help you give different statistic reports and you can pitch your next idea to your buyers accordingly.

According to an article on Harvard Business Review, the more contacts you have, the more leads you’ll generate and, ultimately, the more sales you’ll make.

Ask for referrals

This is a most effective way to win customers, but many salespeople do not pay attention to this. If a customer can refer you to at least one potential customer, it will be easier for you to pitch in than a cold call process.

Asking for one referral every day means five referrals a week, and twenty a month. Imagine, what impact it could make to your sales when you get to know them from your potential and known sources. If that’s the case, you do not need to start from scratch, rather you already have introduction through the known referee.

Develop relationships with your clients.

Become a true partner to your clients. Your good relationships with clients will make a strong bond, develop an understanding and trust between you both. At the time of any support needed, they will remember you the first point of contact, and it helps you keep the competition away.

More agreeable relationships give vibes that require to deal with each other professionally. Build strong rapport with your connections, it will pay off in long run.

“Approach Each Customer With The Idea Of Helping Him Or Her To Solve A Problem Or Achieve A Goal, Not Of Selling A Product Or Service.”

– Brian Tracy

Know your clients well

Learn their strengths and identify the area of weaknesses. When you speak to customer in their language, it gives you an edge in providing them solutions for their identified problems.

Learn what communication method suits the best for them. An in-person meeting, a call or email, every individual has own preferred method to reach.

Seldom, they possibly feel annoying if you call them frequently. If so you can keep in touch with them through email or online message, perhaps you get a better response too.

Make reliable research on your clients, it will help you learn to work with them effectively.

“If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Customer, Your Competitor Will.”

– Bob Hooey

Develop your soft skills.

Soft skills play a significant role in the success of every salesperson. Soft skills are personal qualities, individual traits, integral social cues and are must assets for every person who wants to grow in a sales career.

Some essential soft skills like communication skills, presentation skills, and negotiation skills are vital that enhance your impression in front of your clients.

Develop your self-confidence

When you master your aptitudes on soft skills, you know your products thoroughly, and build good relations with your customers, you gain the confidence to provide solutions that solves your customer’s problems.

Self-confidence plays a significant role that enables customer’s trust in your abilities to provide them better solutions. It is human nature that people are attracted to self-confident people. Clients can build healthier relationships with you when they see you are confident in yourself.

Keep in mind, when your morale is high, you achieve your targets easily.

Prepare a sales planner

To know, you can’t achieve your targets without prior planning. Make plans for your daily and weekly activities. A successful salesperson always plans ahead.

Make an activity planner every morning, which will help you organize your day. It helps you anticipate possible risks so that you can try and mitigate them beforehand.

Sales planner aids you formulate an action strategy, puts you in control, know your product status and how you want to push it to your market.

Prepare a call or meeting planner before every appointment. At the start, you may need to prepare a call script, to begin with. It will help you boost your morale.

Keep the appointment outcome in mind and drive your communication accordingly.

Manage your daily activities and schedules

Your schedule planner will help you organize your time for every activity. I suggest keeping your daily schedules that suit your business and market needs.

Remember, if you don’t track your daily activities, you’re not going to know which activities are moving the needle closer to your sales goals.

Keep the initial half an hour to prepare your activities planner. Write your goals for the day and how you achieve them. It will organize your day, hence you can accomplish more out of your tight schedules.

 “Sales Success Comes After You Stretch Yourself Past Your Limits On A Daily Basis.”

– Omar Periu

Lastly, record each activity in the database for your future reference.

Enjoy your sales career, become a successful salesperson and achieve prosperity 🙂

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