Thinking and behavior relation


“Thinking is mother of necessity and grandmother of invention.” As we breathe, and we take our breathing for granted, all of us think and not all but most of us take our thinking for granted. Since morning we get up, our first thought comes in the mind whether to get up quickly or relax a … Read more

Why Happiness matters and how to live happily for lifelong?

Happiness matters

If you want to achieve true happiness in your life don’t run behind it, you will never be able to catch, instead, feel happiness in now moments. Have you ever encountered with a multimillionaire businessman who is just busy in acquiring more millions in his account without even knowing what his own child or any … Read more

How to replace your bad habits with good ones?

Changing bad habits to good ones

When under pressure, people adopt some bad habits to deal with their stress. Like drinking too much alcohol or smoking, eating too much junk food, etc. Later they realize that they have developed so and so bad habits. Then they focus on changing those bad habits to good so hard that they increase their stress … Read more

How to live stress-free and with wonderful style?

Wonderful Life Style image

When I looked at the dictionary, wonderful interpreted different meanings: inspiring, delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvelous. All of these words go with the life we would like to have. We would like to be role model and inspiration for others, we want our life to be completed with our fulfilled desires, to have … Read more