How COVID-19 shaping our New Normal?

Coronavirus has had a substantial impact on organizations and the global economy as well as people’s health and living. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, we socialize and we interact with our day-to-day business. Since the start of the pandemic airlines, tourism, and most of the retailers of consumer products have been impacted poorly.

Mostly, this event has severely affected our psychological and economic well-being. It has shattered the confidence of many and has thrown many into the darkness of boundless anxiety and depression. It has greatly impacted our social life too. Keep yourself physically, financially, and psychologically fit and strong to experience world growing POST-COVID-19.

Will Life ever come back to the pre-COVID-19 routine?

A majority of the population is getting the vaccination. This situation has changed the way we used to live in the PRE-COVID-19 era. Even after lockdown has eased, and most people are vaccinated, life will not be the same as it was before the pandemic started.

Adapting to new normal will be crucial for survival

Those who will not adapt to the NEW NORMAL of POST-COVID-19 life will be greatly affected in their economic and life skills.

We have seen, how just the lockdown of a couple of months left millions of people left dying with hunger. It also creates a big threat to living as a social presence.

Most people, if they wish to survive, need to improve or familiarize themselves with several new skills as per their profession in the industry. Remember, subsistence in the business or job market is key to the survival of our life as a whole.

Don’t be rigid, or you will break

Those who cannot adapt and mold themselves to a new normal lifestyle will have a bigger impact on their psychological and financial wellbeing. COVID-19 situation is an external factor, but it cannot be dealt without working on internal influences.

You can and you will win life’s battle only through your thought process and ability to adapt NEW NORMAL norms of civilization.

Remember, your worth is more than you think. But if your thinking is mediocre, you will land in one of the biggest adversity of your lifetime.

In this time acquiring new skills will take you to a new height of your career. Developing yourself in IT technology is a must to stay in the race. Let us view some of the areas, you may look to upgrade yourself or get new skills that will help you to gain more out of post-COVID-19 life.

Cloud business in the IT sector

If you are in the IT sector, this is the best time to switch from on-premises to Cloud-based infrastructure. Start learning about Clouds and you will be ready to compete with other cloud experts.

Companies, like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Redhat, VMware, Amazon, and many more are competing with each other to provide the best Cloud Services as infrastructure. It includes

  • Servers
  • Software
  • Network devices, and
  • Other storage resources

These services combine three major categories in the IT industry to provide cloud solutions to all kinds of businesses.

  1. Computing: Provides best solution for cloud based server racks.
  2. Networking: Provides best possible connectivity to transfer information between computer and storage systems through routers and switches.
  3. Storage: every cloud based service requires storage, as we normally require in premises. Storage capacity helps users to store their file in cloud based storage system. Cloud storage is a model that stores data on the Internet through cloud computing.

Business Professional skills

Learning leadership and development skill will help you develop your skills in many areas of your personal and professional career.

Certified Business Professionals certification provides vital information and skills necessary to prosper professionally in management. This is a great way to start building or upgrading your career in leadership, team management, critical thinking. This certification will help you develop innovation and creativity skills that are much needed in the current situation.

Develop your management and leadership skills to stay in the competition.

Online meeting apps

Online meeting is becoming new normal in offices around the world. Traveling is affected within and from outside the country, leaving no option for businesses and people other than to use the best online meeting applications.

In our house, we never used the online meeting app as much as we have since the coronavirus has changed this world.

Millions of people are getting benefits from online meeting apps such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype for Business, Google Meet, WhatsApp, and other programs. Most of the companies provide basic versions with limited functionalities free for end-users and offer their Business versions with competitive prices that include additional features. Get familiar with these apps and use them for your day-to-day creative activities.

Consumer shopping experience

Those who own businesses can quickly start developing their own e-commerce website and mobile apps. One of my relatives owns a business chain of salons, recognized this, and immediately took his actions to go online with an e-commerce website.

There are many paybacks to developing your own e-commerce existence. It gives you reach out of your geographical location, reduces your expenses for physical location rent, and works as a salesperson 24/7. It’s worth spending some initial amount on e-commerce ready, in order to gain big benefits soon.

If you cannot decide on how to proceed with E-commerce quickly, you may sell your products using Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart, SOUQ, noon, and many other marketplaces. Search for the best one that suits you as per your location.

Adapt to the NEW NORMAL School and Education System

Teachers who once had the idea of delivering their classes only in their physical classrooms, need to change their way of normal teaching habits and adapt NEW NORMAL online teaching customs. Teachers who are left behind will be left out of their teaching professions.

To learn how to teach online, you can get yourself enrolled in some of the industry experts, such as TRAIN THE TRAINER, for virtual training programs. This will equip you with appropriate skills and instructional techniques to teach your students online.

Remember, your experience teaches you more life skills than your academic studies.

My wife is a Montessori teacher. She is not tech-savvy. But after the COVID-19 situation, she quickly learned that she needs to adopt the new way of teaching. It was difficult for her in the early online teaching days since teaching kids online is totally different than teaching adults. But within a couple of days, she acquired much expertise through practical teaching experience.

Become a NEW NORMAL student

Students have to go through big challenges when they can’t visit schools and college premises. Their freedom to meet their fellow student, explore the world through their experiences and make new friends are afflicted badly. Online teaching became the NEW TEACHING normal.

For small children, most parents themselves became students alongside their kids. When kids are learning online, their parents have to be seated beside them too.

Keeping the focus on studies online is a big challenge for students. To overcome this challenge, some of the schools have made it compulsory for their students to wear uniforms and keep their videos switched on in order to make students feel like they are in school. I think it is a good impression to keep the school environment alive even in the online learning method.

Remember, the online method of learning will be part of the NEW TEACHING Normal. So the quicker you get acquainted with this system, the faster you will benefit from your lessons.

Work from home (WFH)

Though many have come back to work at their offices since the lockdown has eased in different countries, working from home is becoming the new normal for most industries. Some companies have rotated the shifts in order to keep low occupancy in their offices. Having alternate working days in the office and home is becoming normal in many service industries.

This pandemic gave many organizations a chance to experiment, how WFH can give a boost to their work productivity. This experiment will result in new research on how it will impact on daily road traffic in the city.

How we focus on jobs when working from home and give our performance without distracting from our home environment, is the key to productively working from home. Many people cannot segregate and become victims of stress and anxiety. I know a relative of mine, who dedicated most of her time to work and got trapped in stress and has got a very bad impact on her health too.

Health and Safety.

Wearing Masks, Social distancing, using hand soap and sanitizers will become NEW NORMAL in keeping oneself safe.

Patience will become the NEW NORMAL when one stands in the queue.  POST COVID-19, keeping a safe distance, and waiting outside the shopping center if the capacity is full, will become a new part of life. The faster you learn these standards, the quicker it will help to keep your annoyance in control.

Stay Positive and psychologically sound

Everyone knows COVID-19 has changed the entire world’s way of living. I think it will take a while to come back to the way it used to be pre-COVID-19 state. You never know, it may never come back to the same state again.

The way 9/11 changed the security procedures around the world, COVID-19 will change health measure procedures on our planet. We are used to following all security norms from different parts of the world. Similarly, post-COVID-19, we will get used to health measures check around the world.

Stay positive, stay safe. Let us together adapt to the new normal situation and develop ourselves to become our NEW-SELF.

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