Become a Successful Sales Professional – B2B

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In my opinion, every person on this globe has an unusual characteristic of a salesperson. Some though sell themselves short, while others lead this field. If you want to grow in your profession, learn how to become a successful salesperson.

If you wish to build your career in sales, earn big commissions, and become a sales leader, you are at the right place to become a sales professional.

This course provides selling skills and sales management techniques for B2B sales professionals. Even if you are not a salesperson, sometimes you may need to start your career in sales or lead the sales team in your company. The information you gain in this course can also be handy for you to manage your sales force.

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What Will You Learn?

  • This course is designed to develop professional selling skills and bring an understanding of market requirements to progress in the sales profession.
  • Introduction to selling
  • Get Ready to Sell
  • International sales cycle
  • Effective Sales Prospecting
  • Start selling to your first contact
  • Qualify your leads
  • Explore the customer's needs.
  • Build the right solutions that solve your customer's problems.
  • Closing the sale.
  • Follow-up and Repeat the sales.

Course Content

Introduction to selling.
Course Description Why Selling Skills are important? What is Selling? Fundamentals of Selling. A Salesperson's principal responsibilities Foundation of Sales - Knwoldge Foundation of Sales - Attitude Foundation of Sales - Planning and Buliding Strategy

  • Introduction to Selling

Get Ready to Sell
Set your basic Fundamentals for selling. Principal Guidelines for selling.

International Sales Cycle
Let's start selling now Why sales cycle is important? 7 stages of sales cycle

1st Stage of Sales Cycle – Prospect
This is the first stage where a salesperson starts building strategies and using personal tactics for searching potential customers. This can include many tactics, some of them are defined as follows. In this lesson, you will learn What prospecting is? What is a prospect? How to use some tools to prospect successfully? How to build a customer profile? Profiling the customer. Identify role of people. Start establishing your first contact.

2nd Stage of Sales Cycle – Qualify
Understand the qualification process in sales stages. Learn: Discover key characteristics of qualify stage. Discover more that qualify the lead.

3rd Stage of Sales Cycle – Discover Needs
Understand customer's needs. Discovery questions to understand customer's needs. Closed-ended questions. Open-ended questions. Implication questions. Reward questions.

4th Stage of Sales Cycle – Product Demo
What is a solution? When you enter in Product Demo Stage? How to build a demo that will add value to the customers? Build and present a solution that addresses how to solve the buyer's problems. Addresses customer's needs. How to make your presentation interesting? Keep Buyer's Criteria in mind. Address the limitations. Ignite buying motives in prospect. Scenario summary. Add your company's profile to the presentation. Which Soft skills can help better present?

5th Stage of Sales Cycle – Handle Objections
What is Objection? Something not clear. Why customer express their objections? Prepare your plan to respond. Do not try to prove your customer wrong. Do not ignore the important needs while handling the objection. Four steps to resolve objections

6th Stage of Selling Cycle – Close
Move ahead and close the sale. Salesperson's fear. Buyer's fear. Fear of change. Fear of ending up paying more. Fear of failure. Control of buying, rather being pushed to buy. Don't miss out prospect's signal to buy. Close the sale. What if you lose a sale?

7th Stage of Sales Cycle – Follow up, repeat business
After Sales Support Quality and feedback Build your Success stories. Ask for Referrals. Testimonials. End Note.

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